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Price Match Guarantee

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Terms & Conditions

To maintain eligibility for the Rodo Price Match Guarantee program (“Price Match Guarantee” or “PMG”), you must accept (1) the Rodo Terms of Use, and (2) these Price Match Guarantee Additional Terms of Service (“ Additional Terms ”).

Please read each of these documents carefully. Together, these documents are known as the “Terms”.

1. Eligibility

Price Match Guarantee is a product of Rodo, Inc. and is only available to users based in the U.S. who are 18 years or older. To be eligible for Rodo’s Price Match Guarantee, the following requirements apply:

2. Payouts

To receive a Payout, you must accept Rodo’s terms of use and have an active Rodo account with a U.S. address that is in good standing.

You will not be eligible for a Payout if you do not have a Rodo profile, and/or have not purchased a vehicle completely through Rodo as outlined above.

All Payouts will be issued via check up to 12  weeks from the date of Rodo’s approval of your price match guarantee submission.

3. Communication and submission

The user should submit their price match guarantee request to Rodo’s concierge team via info@rodo.com or by calling 1-877-322-RODO.

4. Additional Terms

Rodo’s Price Match Guarantee has no cash value.

Rodo reserves the right to exclude your account(s) from eligibility for Price Match Guarantee if we detect or suspect abusive or fraudulent behavior. Rodo also may make changes to, suspend, or stop providing the Price Match Guarantee service at any time, including after you have purchased and taken delivery of your vehicle.

Offer cannot be combined with other Rodo offers.

Rodo reserves the right to request additional documentation to assist in verification of customer’s Price Match Guarantee eligibility.

In the event of inconsistency or conflict between any terms in this document and any other written or verbal explanation of the program, these terms and conditions take precedence.

Rodo may also, at its own discretion, make changes to these Additional Terms at any time as set forth in the Rodo Terms of Use.

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